What is the fittest company?

The work-life balance – the balance between work and private life – can be drastically out of balance for a lot of people. That is why a large group people are switching to a healthier lifestyle. Together with a number of partners is Ready2improve anticipating the current zeitgeist. The Fittest company helps employers and employees to live healthier lives, and therefore perform better physically and mentally. Contact us

Who are we?


  • Founder Wouter Goris laid the foundations of the Improve method during his early years. On January 1, 2007, he officially baptized Ready2improve.
  • From that point on, our coaching team has grown into the versatile Ready2improve of today: the participants of The Fittest Company are welcomed by a multidisciplinary team including sports psychologists, masters in physical education, nutrition specialists and therapists.
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Ready for a new healthy start?

Our ambition is to make every business FIT. We’re doing this in a correct, professional way so that long-term results can be achieved.

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