Changes do not just fall out of the sky. It requires motivation, determination and perseverance.

The following tips will keep you full of energy and focused on what you want to achieve.

  • Formulate your goal and actions. Remain flexible, a plan is not a goal in itself.
  • Use compelling language. Do not use things like “I would like to …” or “I will try to …”, but “I’m going to … ” or “I do …”  Do plan the actions immediately in your agenda.
  • Always keep your higher goal in mind. In everything that you do, always think: “Is this helping me further?” A higher goal has no end date. It fits you, for life.
  • Be flexible. Don’t do the same thing every day. Challenge your mind and body.
  • Try not to be a perfectionist (too much). This will only result in fretting. Don’t think, but act!
  • Give your mind a positive boost. Teach yourself to think positively and to push aside negative thoughts. “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you”.  Enjoy your changes.
  • Seek companionship from motivated people. Positive people will give you energy. Learn from their successful strategies.
  • Put success into perspective. Treat yourself with a sincere compliment, but don’t become self-satisfied. Continue to be ambitious and look at what you want to achieve.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Understand your shortcomings. Do realize that passivity will always result in failures.
  • Take responsibility for your results. Only you are in control, no one else.

Use these tips to continue to change your behavior. You will notice that it will become an automatism, and that it will give you comfort. You no longer want to return to your old habits. A vital life you personally choose for!

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