Work your body at work

Would you like to exercise at work, but don’t know which exercises are good for you? Or want to know how to train without expensive exercise machines? Then the training example below is definitely something for you. Easy, fun and effective exercises you can do in any office environment.

10 more exercises to change up your routine:

  • Shoulder taps

Adopt a plank position and tap a shoulder alternately with the hand that isn’t on the ground. Make sure your pelvis doesn’t swing from left to right, but remains stable.

  • Side plank

Lie on your side and support yourself on your elbow while pushing up your pelvis.

  • Single leg bridge

Lie on your back and push yourself up with one leg stretched and the other bent.

  • Chair squats

Sit on your chair and stand up again.

  • Table rows

Hang below your desk and pull yourself up with your chest against the desk. Make sure your desk is sturdy enough for this exercise!

  • Photocopier curls

Stand up and lift your ankles to your bum very slowly.

  • Chair extensions

Sit on your chair and stretch your legs upwards together or in turns.

  • Backpack deadlifts

Lift your backpack off the ground with a straight back and then put it down again. Try to turn from your hip and not by using your back.

  • Suitcase walks

Hold your backpack or suitcase in one arm and walk through the corridor. Make sure you walk straight.

  • Staircase ankle raises

Stand on the edge of a stair with the ball of your foot; let your heels drop and then stand on your toes. Not heavy enough? Try this on one leg.

Maybe from now on we can also introduce a fixed liftless day? Here is an example to bring this practical to a success!

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